Made with the contribution of Tempo Reale Residenze KATE


With support by The Swedish Arts Grants Committeé


The residency took place in Florence between 8th Jan and 28th Feb 2018.
The work was finished in Malmö during March 2018.



Schermata 2018-04-05 alle 07.15.39


#Florence is the second step (first being #Copenhagen) towards a creative sound mapping of different cities in Europe.

Eight places in the city of Florence are recorded in different hours of the day. The audio material is cut around one minute length and it is the base for four short compositions for each recording (for a total of 32).

MAP of FLORENCE with marked recorded places 

Schermata 2018-04-05 alle 12.27.01

The compositions, together with the recordings can be divided into five categories:




real (original recordings)

performance (instructed listening)


Few words about the categories:

abstract ––– the structure of the original recording is maintained, the sounds are replaced by synthetic ones.

concrète ––– the sounds of the original recording are extensively used, the structured is replaced by a new one.

poetic ––– a new point of view over the recording is applied in order to rethink the recorded events and find a new perspective over them.

real ––– original recordings from which all the others are derived. These are taken in real time without cuts (one exception to confirm the rule: l’orecchio interno)

performance ––– these are instructions for eight guided listening experiences. They don’t take necessary place where the recordings were made.

The names of the places in which the recordings were made are substituted by titles.

This is for preserving the sonic images unspoiled.

Click on the figure to visit the morphed soundscapes:

Architettura I     Attesa     Notturno     Lorecchio

Architettura II     En plein air     Sospeso     LAllievo


Download a full documentation of the project


I would like to thank the museums of Uffizi, Basilica di S. Croce, Santa Maria del Fiore and Palazzo Vecchio for kindly letting me work in their spaces.

Also, un grazie a Leonardo R. e Marie S. B. for technical help and precious feedback.

Last, but not least, Johan Lindén for the time and the trust.


Malmö, 27 March 2018




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